My Retail store has closed but,

we still have a website and Antique Mall Booth.


Long Journey

Seems like the longest year of my life.
Just now going thru the emotions of loosing my store and many GREAT friends and customers. My 4th surgery of 2010 was this past Tues. 13 stitches to remove skin cancer...one ugly scar! But God is still walking beside me helping me thru each challenge.Looking at doing more internet sales on website.But, It just doesn't give me the relationships I miss so very much.


New Life in Largo

God is helping me to see my purpose and plan here in Largo.
I am finally going thru my grief of giving up the retail store and saying good-bye to so MANY sweet friends. I miss it all so much!
I am preparing yummy Tarts for my Antique Mall booth in St Pete
this morning. The soy tarts are fantastic!
Sat morning...maybe a garage sale on the way to sit
with my 94 yr old "Betty". Taking her to Mass this morning.
Praying I can be a blessing in her life at this time.


Breast Cancer

Well friends, YES I have Breast Cancer 2nd time around! Different type, different breast. It all happened quickly and my surgery is done. Another Lump, several
biopsys and 3 healing ouchies right now.
God has allowed me to have a GREAT and knowlegable surgeon. I have been spared radiation due to her connection with the Top Drs and latest research.
Now for the reason God allowed this? To get my attention and open New Opportunities to Witness for HIM.


Dr Visits

I am in a waiting game with the DR Office.
Tests run on Monday, found something UNUSUAL?
Ugh! I am told don't jump to conclusions.
Trusting God to Heal! He is sending caring
Sweet friends in my new town!


Antique Mall Booth

Went to Antique Mall booth today in St Pete.
Took a grungy shutter that USED to hang over my cash register in Ocala Store.
Using it as a backdrop to hang things on. Made FRESH Fixins in 2 scents and lots of
refresher oil. Chatted w/ Owners about placing my Scented stuff up front.
Just felt right about the whole booth today! Working on my guest room stripping
wallborder and getting ready to paint!


new Job

Well I did NOT get the job at Channel 22 TV
So I am loading my revived EBAY Curtain store.
I have 22 curtains in it so far! All In stock leftovers from
my store. You can find me on Ebay STORE = CountryStuff4me Primitives


Off to OCALA

We are off to Ocala for week-end,
getting some left overs from my store that closed. Good to see our friends, sad to see an empty store front.