My Retail store has closed but,

we still have a website and Antique Mall Booth.


Antique Mall Booth

Went to Antique Mall booth today in St Pete.
Took a grungy shutter that USED to hang over my cash register in Ocala Store.
Using it as a backdrop to hang things on. Made FRESH Fixins in 2 scents and lots of
refresher oil. Chatted w/ Owners about placing my Scented stuff up front.
Just felt right about the whole booth today! Working on my guest room stripping
wallborder and getting ready to paint!


new Job

Well I did NOT get the job at Channel 22 TV
So I am loading my revived EBAY Curtain store.
I have 22 curtains in it so far! All In stock leftovers from
my store. You can find me on Ebay STORE = CountryStuff4me Primitives


Off to OCALA

We are off to Ocala for week-end,
getting some left overs from my store that closed. Good to see our friends, sad to see an empty store front.


Count Your Blessings Sheep Bath

My antique Booth in St Pete

My New RED Door

House Remodel

Heres My New Kitchen with Pendant Lights over the Island!
the Burgandy took Primer and 2 coats of paint..totally worth it!

Help 4 Blogging

Today My new friend Melanie is going to help me with my Blog page!
Spruce it up..figure it out etc? I want to maximize exposure and followers as well as Cutsy it up!Looking for a Great Blog SOON!


Store is Vacant

Well the retail store in Ocala is officially empty, closed and DONE!
But onto new things in St Pete,FL for me.
God has a new plan, another road..and I am asking for His guidance.
Working on this blog, facebook and Website to generate new business.
Praying I will have some freedom to work in Minisry as needed.


cold in Seminole FL

Ok its 37 here in Seminole..and windy. Hard not to discuss the weather!
Thankful for heat and a home to relax.
My CountryStuff4Me Retail store is closed. The store contents and Prim Style
has moved to Mossy Oaks Antique mall in Belleview FL.
Best Wishes to Sarah Davis who continues the Legacy of CountryStuff4me!
I also have a CountryStuff4me2 booth in St Pete at Park Street Antiques on Bay Pines Blvd.